American Journal of
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

The Xin of TCVM Practice with an Emphasis on Tui-na

John A. Perdrizet DVM, PhD, MS-TCVM, DACVIM (LA)


In the primordial Chinese classic, Dao De Ching, opposites are a consistent and universal theme – Yin and Yang permeate the Cosmos. Even the title exemplifies this – in the word “De” 德. As Western acculturated individuals our experience with “de” comes from the French word for “of”… A little word with a little meaning. In contrast, one little word in Chinese has one big meaning – the illusionary and polar state of nature summed up in the word “De”. For the Chinese, “De” connotes a profound concept, the concept of Virtue. Dao De Ching literally means “The Way (or Path) of Virtue Classic”. “De” is the embodiment of Virtue in the individual. Virtue includes both the values of honest living and the resulting power derived from it – particularly the power of healing. The character, or pictogram (德), representing “De” is composed of three parts. On the left is a person walking (progress or action), on the top right is a symbol meaning “something observed from all angles or directions shows no deviation” (being perfectly right), and a symbol on the bottom right representing the character for “Xin” (the Heart). The imagery can be interpreted as a virtuous person’s behavior perfectly reflects their heart. For the practitioner the incorporation of “Xin” underscores the importance of utilizing both the heart and mind in daily practice. The ability to combine one’s mind (thoughts) with one’s heart (intuition) will refine one’s being as a healer. Further, it implies “the ability to directly bypass one’s mind and know spontaneously with one’s heart, the heart of all things.”

Perdrizet J. “De” – The Xin of TCVM practice with an emphasis on Tui-na. Am J Trad Chin Vet Med 2024; 19(1):1-2. https://doi.org/10.59565/001c.92335

The Xin of TCVM Practice with an Emphasis on Tui-na

John A. Perdrizet DVM, PhD, MS-TCVM, DACVIM (LA)

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