American Journal of
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

The Relationship of Qi and Blood

Gloria Weintrub VMD


In Chinese medicine Blood and Qi are inseparable. Qi infuses movement into Blood and Blood carries Qi throughout the body. Blood is primarily derived from the Spleen’s production of Food Qi or Gu Qi which is then moved upwards to the Lung. Through the action of Lung Qi, the Gu Qi is moved to the Heart where it is transformed into Blood. The Kidney is also responsible for Blood production because it stores Essence and Essence generates marrow which, in turn contributes to the making of Blood. Not only is the Kidney responsible for some of the Blood produced, it is also the source of Original Qi which is the basis for Kidney Qi. Original Qi and Kidney Qi help in the transformation of Food Qi to Blood and Blood is needed to nourish Original Qi. Therefore, the relationship between Qi and Blood involves Blood nourishing Qi, Qi generating Blood, Qi moving Blood and Blood being held by Qi.

Weintraub G. The relationship of Qi and Blood. Am J Trad Chin Vet Med 2009; 4(1):83.

The Relationship of Qi and Blood

Gloria Weintrub VMD

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