American Journal of
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Imaging Acupoints and Their Communications Along Channels

Cheryl L Chrisman DVM, MS, EdS, DACVIM-Neurology


The anatomy and physiology of acupoints is an interesting and ongoing area of research. An easily seen reliable demonstration of their presence is the use of an ohmmeter which will identify acupoints on the body at specific repeatable sites and mechanical stimulation of these sites will evoke changes in the body, far from their location. Acupoint studies by Drs. Joie Jones and Young Bae are quite enlightening and a sign of what lies ahead in acupoint research. Dr. Joie Jones has a PhD in physics and is a Professor of Radiological Sciences at the School of Medicine, University of California, Irvine. Dr. Jones has pioneered many new developments in ultrasonic imaging. Dr. Young Bae, from the Bae Institute of Immune Enhancement, has a PhD in high-energy physics and practices acupuncture in Tustin, California. Dr. Jones lectures on his past research on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the visual cortex, when BL-67 is stimulated with a needle. His lecture then covers research on similar effects of focused ultrasound stimulation of BL-67. This research to explain the functional anatomy and physiology of acupoints and their effects demonstrates that with open minds and further investigation of high-energy physics and advancements in imaging techniques, acupoint research will be very exciting. With new information discovered during acupoint research, the current conventional medical paradigm will expand to include many of the aspects of acupoints and Channels observed by the ancient practitioners.

Chrisman C. Imaging acupoints and their communications along channels. Am J Trad Chin Vet Med 2012; 7(2):1-2

Imaging Acupoints and Their Communications Along Channels

Cheryl L Chrisman DVM, MS, EdS, DACVIM-Neurology

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