American Journal of
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Five Animal Play Qi Gong

Cheryl Schwartz DVM


The practice of Qi Gong has the ability to still the mind, strengthen the body and bring a smile to the face and spirit. Five Animal Play Qi Gong has many different styles and forms. The five animals are: 1) The Bear, 2) The Crane, 3) The Monkey, 4) The Tiger and 5) The Deer. Each school emphasizes a specific aspect of the animal’s characteristics. Since animals are natural athletes they devise the most efficient means of moving. Each animal has five postures and forms. In Five Animal Play Qi Gong, one learns to mimic the animals and thereby understand and adopt their “knowing”. Each animal represents one or more parts of the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Daily practice with selection of the animal that can best assist with the challenges of that day is best. Qi Gong practice is something one can fall back on during times of stress, sadness and joy and it is whole-heartedly recommended for anyone that wants to achieve more relaxation, awareness and balance in their life.

Schwartz C. Five animal play Qi Gong. Am J Trad Chin Vet Med 2012; 7(2):73-74

Five Animal Play Qi Gong

Cheryl Schwartz DVM

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